The Value of Photography

January 9, 2012

Some of you may have seen this post I recently shared on my facebook page.   Karen’s story brought me to tears and made me really think about the role photography plays in our lives.  I have always appreciated photography’s ability to freeze a moment in time and make it last forever.  I love that it makes us stop and enjoy the world around us and take a closer look at things we may have missed.  And perhaps my favorite thing about photography is its ability to capture relationships.  This is why I am drawn to the art.  However, this mom’s story triggered something inside me.  It was a reminder of just how valuable photographs are and how important it is to keep our priorities straight.

After reading her letter I thought about how my grandparents recently moved out of their home that my dad grew up in.  I had wanted to photograph them prior to their move outside of the house they had lived in for so long, but I got “busy” and it never happened.  I then decided I would still photograph my grandparents, but again never made it a priority.  This post reminded me that we can’t afford to take the people in our lives for granted and that we need to make time for the things that really matter.  Immediately after reading it, I called my grandparents and arranged a photo shoot for that evening.  Thank you, Jeanine for sharing Karen’s letter because sometimes, even photographers need a reminder of photography’s value.

Paige Smith
03:40 January 9, 2012

Oh my goodness. I love these so much!! Maybe my favorite photographs you've ever done! Thanks for inspiring me today. :)

04:18 January 9, 2012

Ohmy gosh Katie, these images made me smile & teary eyed all in one. So joyful. I love them

05:56 January 9, 2012

Just gorgeous! Loved this :)

"Aunt" Sandy
06:36 January 9, 2012

Thanks, made my day.The photos are lovely and sweet. Spent a few hours with your brothers and mom and dad...we always have a great time when they visit. Too bad we are so far away!

Sue Kett
15:05 January 9, 2012

Tears coupled with such joy as I discover how you reallly captured each one of them. Kate, you really "get it" and see the most valuable treasurers in this life are the people we love most! This comes through so clearly in every photo you take! Photography as a true "art."

20:11 January 9, 2012

This is so beautiful! Well said ... "my favorite thing about photography is its ability to capture relationships" Thanks for sharing :)

Jane Christensen
04:35 January 11, 2012

Katie, these pics made my day. I haven't seen the Ketts in a hundred years! They look great and Peggy looks adorable as ever. You really captured their essence. It says a lot about you that they are as comfortable in front of the camera as they are. I see your parents in these pictures too! Real treasures!

Katie Kett
01:24 January 12, 2012

Thank you all for your sweet comments! They made my day :)

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23:35 December 23, 2012

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Dawn Davis
01:41 April 10, 2014

Katie, this is an amazing post and it speaks volumes to who you are as a photographer. Thank you for sharing! <3

21:14 October 1, 2014

This is a beautiful post! 1) I never get tired of looking over family photos. 2) As of this past June, I only have one living grandparent left. So, I'll definitely make more time for her and visit her (she lives outside the U.S)


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